Ukraine’s ambassador accuses Turkey of buying Ukrainian grain stolen by Russia.

June, 04 2022: Kyiv's Ambassador to Ankara said on Friday Turkish purchasers were among those purchasing grain that Russia took/stolen from Ukraine, adding he has looked for Turkey's assistance to distinguish and catch people answerable for the sales and buys.

Russia and Ukraine represent almost 33% of worldwide wheat supplies, while Russia heavily exports manure and Ukraine corn and sunflower oil. Hereafter, Ukrainian grain shipments from its Black Sea ports have slowed down since Russia attacked, for certain 20 million tons of grain stuck.

Ambassador Vasyl Bodnar said Russia was exporting the taken grains out of Crimea, which it attached in 2014, and added Kyiv was working with Turkey and Interpol to track down the guilty parties.

"Russia is boldly taking Ukrainian grains and attempting to get them out from the attacked Crimea. These taken grains are being offered to outside nations, and Turkey is one of them," he told columnists in Ankara.

"We have made our allure for Turkey to help us and, upon the idea of the Turkish side, sending off criminal cases with respect to those taking and selling the grains," he said.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara later said the vessels that were associated with the taken grains shipments were the Nadezhda, Finikia, Sormivskiy, Vera, and Mikhail Nenashev ships.

The Ukrainian consulate in Beirut informed that this week Russia had sent its partner Syria around 100,000 tons of stolen wheat.

The contention has energized a worldwide food emergency, inciting the United Nations to pitch the arrangement to re-open transportation courses from Odesa and other Ukrainian ports.

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