Nagaland Achieved 13 Medals and one Title at Muay Thai National Championship

Kohima: Once again Nagaland has proven that this is the state with multiple talents in different formats and does never disappoints; coming up with another great success story of the people of northeast and especially about Nagaland. 

In a recent conducted national championship All Nagaland amateur Muaythai association team begged 13 medals and 1 pro title belt victory at Muay Thai.

The championship was held in Dewas Madhya Pradesh from june 16th to 22nd. It should be mentioned that the event organized by the Madhya Pradesh Muay Thai sports association  and sanctioned by the United MUAY THAI Association of india was present of more than 800 Athletes who participated in the tournament in the presence of more than 100 officials.

The Following Achievers/Medalist are:

1. Pauchunlungbo U-23 Nchang (63.5kg) Gold, 2. Manyum Konyak Elite  (-54kg) Gold, 3. Gihuka Assumi U-16-17 yrs (-45kg) Gold, 4. Mhao Odyuo U-23 (-60kg) Gold, 5. T Chingjei Konyak U-16-17 yrs (-51kg) Gold, 6. Sandeep Momin Elite (-57kg) Silver, 7. Asuvi zhimomi U-23 (-45kg) bronze, 8. Vihuto Swu U-23 (-71kg) bronze, 9. Tike Aye U-23 (-51kg) Bronze, 10. Elvis pamei Elite (-48 kg) Bronze, 11. Visalie keditsu Elite (-60kg) Bronze, 12. Mangkho Konyak U-23 (-57) Bronze, 13. Mahima mech Elite (-51kg) Bronze., 14. Pauchunlungbo Pro fight Title Belt winner 63kg

Total medals 13 + 1(14) title belt out of 18 participants: Gold - 5, Silver - 1, Bronze - 7, Title belt - 1

As the athlete's succeeded to shine in the championship no one can ignore who are the people behind worked to make this day to come true; this are the following names in making the athlete's grow:- 1. Takameren (President "ANAMA",) Team manager, 2. Imlitangit -Referee &judge, 3. Kennito Chishi- Referee & Judge, 4. Pangmei Konyak- Assistant Coach, 5. Hemavi Ayemi- Team Coach. 

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